SHM on transporter

While checking some websites, I came across this picture, which I thought is worth posting.

The accompanying caption: “The Space Head Module (SHM) is prepared for installation atop the Dnepr launch vehicle for the forthcoming flight of a record-breaking 32 satellites. Photo Credit: ISC Kosmotras”

Only few people were present when the SHM was brought in on such a transporter and it was not allowed to take pictures because it was a military operation and vehicle. It is noteworthy of this transporter vehicle that is is fully self-supporting: it has its own system to stabilize itself by means of extendable feet, the container (in which the SHM is accommodated) is an integral part of the vehicle and it has its own crane inside the container to lift and (dis)place the SHM. A trully remarkable and functionally well designed object.

Even less people were present when this picture, of the SHM loaded on its transporter, was taken. It also shows the applied mission sticker as well as the ‘cloth’ protecting and hermetically sealing the payloads from the environment (and the rocket).

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Orbit parameter update

Now a week after launch we are happy to report that all satellites that have been heard are in good health! We are waiting for an update on two satellites still.

Unfortunately, the tracking of satellites has been more effort than expected. The fact that two passengers on our manifest are still struggling is mainly due to these difficulties. The preliminary and post-launch TLEs have done their duty – so it seems – but their accuracy now is no longer reliable.

NORAD/JSpOC have been doing good work with cataloging the objects coming from this launch. Of course, this launch being a world record in terms of orbited objects, the number and size of the objects provide challenges in the cataloging effort.

For seven out of the nine ISIPODs TLEs now have been issued by NORAD, where the naming is now also consistent with the satellites. However, for the passengers of ISIPOD-2 and ISIPOD-3 no TLE is available yet. We are still working out this issue as a service to our customers.

As a summary, the following TLEs are now confirmed, and we also declare them to be in conformance with the initial deployment state and the ICD of this launch. We remain to be interested in finding out how these TLEs work for tracking your satellites.

ISIPOD-1 objects
1 39417U 13066B 13332.79592390 .00002174 00000-0 30531-3 0 277
2 39417 097.8002 045.2001 0061501 171.9311 188.2922 14.77127274 1106

1 39420U 13066E 13332.27024743 .00001953 00000-0 36646-3 0 149
2 39420 097.7875 044.4986 0144167 167.9608 192.5056 14.59288899 1000

1 39424U 13066J 13332.56194597 .00001617 00000-0 26115-3 0 79
2 39424 097.7940 044.8879 0097448 168.9397 191.3980 14.69584317 1049

1 39426U 13066L 13332.64258069 .00001365 00000-0 23092-3 0 65
2 39426 097.7926 044.9353 0108776 167.9787 192.3973 14.67066901 1058

1 39427U 13066M 13332.17685262 .00001972 00000-0 34273-3 0 60
2 39427 097.7901 044.4646 0120281 168.9847 191.3958 14.64566950 962

1 39428U 13066N 13332.18907164 .00003164 00000-0 56575-3 0 64
2 39428 097.7883 044.4485 0132267 168.5521 191.8667 14.61972510 956

1 39429U 13066P 13331.80272258 .00002091 00000-0 40705-3 0 57
2 39429 97.7845 44.0298 0156762 169.0977 191.3673 14.56486585 925

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Launch certificate

Following weeks of intensifying communication and regular (blog-) updates, culminating during the successful launch of last Thursday, a week of decreasing intensity followed. Anticipating this declining trend to continue, no regular and/or important posts are expected anymore, only non-essential (e.g. just-for-fun) ones.

So, to informally close off this ISILaunch03-blog, a picture of the “Certificate of launch accomplishment” that was recently provided by ISC Kosmotras to ISL.

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Status update: First-MOVE

[UPDATE] Over the weekend beacon signals have been received at First-MOVE’s ground station and (communication) performance is improving.

First-MOVE seems to be alive and healthy too, as radio amateurs around the world have received strong signals (unfortunately not at First-MOVE’s ground station (yet)).

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Status update: KHUSAT-01 and -02 heard

This is just in: KHUSAT-01 and -02 are also OK. More info to follow.

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Status update: VELOX-PII

Early this morning information about VELOX-PII was received, namely that they had already had four successful ground passes. On the first pass they received the beacon and on the subsequent passes they established contact and received telemetry (indicating good health).

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Status update: OPTOS

Late last night, good news from the OPTOS-team was received: they had also heard their satellite. More information about their satellite is expected to follow later today.

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Status update: Delfi-n3Xt heard

Delfi-n3Xt had already been heard on the earlier pass over Europe, but that wasn’t a high enough pass to have strong enough signals for decoding. In a later pass, that was the case, telemetry was received and decoded, and all systems are fine with all things deployed. Congratulations to TU Delft (again :) ).

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Status update: Cubebug-2 has been heard

Following data recorded from some passes over Europe, decoding of the data by the Cubebug-2 team confirmed that Cubebug-2 is also alive and kicking.

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Status update: Delfi-n3Xt heard

Although the signal was to faint to decode the telemetry, Delfi-n3Xt (the successor to Delfi-C3) was also heard of.


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