Nayif-1 activities

On Thursday 14 April a delegation of the Nayif-1 project team was present in ISL’s cleanroom to perform the final check-out procedures on their satellite and to give its battery the last boost.

Following the successful completion of those activities, a fit-check of the Nayif-1 FM was performed in its QuadPack canister, which also went satisfactory.

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ISILaunch09 blog initiated

With this first blog, providing the official ISILaunch09 logo, we hereby initiate the ISILaunch09 blog.

A considerable number of important activities have been completed this week and we will retrospectively provide blogs about those.

For upcoming activities we will write a blog, showing the progression of your satellites leading all the way up to launch.

If you have anything that you would like to have posted on this blog, please contact us.


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