Nayif-1 activities

On Thursday 14 April a delegation of the Nayif-1 project team was present in ISL’s cleanroom to perform the final check-out procedures on their satellite and to give its battery the last boost.

Following the successful completion of those activities, a fit-check of the Nayif-1 FM was performed in its QuadPack canister, which also went satisfactory.

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Suchai activities

Never having been too far away from their satellite, as this team hand-carried their satellite all the way to Delft, activities for the Suchai team could commence on Thursday 14 April.

After having discussed and agreed upon the planning of that day and the compulsory cleanroom-briefing, all the brought-along equipment was cleaned and the Suchai team successfully completed their planned activities for today. Tomorrow they will be joined with the satellites of the two other teams to fill up their QuadPack-slot.

Following this, they took the opportunity to pay a quick visit to (downtown) Delft, with its canals and local wildlife.

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KAUSAT-5 activities

Having gone through the same preparatory activities, the KAUSAT-5 team entered the ISL clean-room also on 11 April 2016. There the team was reunited with their satellite when they opened the transport case (in which it had been packed together with another satellite).

As the workstation was readily set up, final check-out activities could immediately be initiated and at the end of the day were successfully completed.

Likewise, integration of KAUSAT-5 is planned to be done tomorrow.

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KHUSAT-3 (SIGMA) activities

Following preparatory activities, including a team(s) meeting, a clean-room briefing and equipment-cleaning, the KHUSAT-3 team entered ISL’s cleanroom on Monday 11 April 2016.

They set up their working station with the needed equipment after which their satellite, which up to then had been safely stored in ISL’s part of ISIS’ clean-room, was retrieved from its transport-case and final check-out activities were successfully performed.

Subsequently, their now-flight-ready satellite was again stored to await integration into its QuadPack-slot tomorrow.

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ISILaunch09 blog initiated

With this first blog, providing the official ISILaunch09 logo, we hereby initiate the ISILaunch09 blog.

A considerable number of important activities have been completed this week and we will retrospectively provide blogs about those.

For upcoming activities we will write a blog, showing the progression of your satellites leading all the way up to launch.

If you have anything that you would like to have posted on this blog, please contact us.


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