Orbit parameter update

Now a week after launch we are happy to report that all satellites that have been heard are in good health! We are waiting for an update on two satellites still. Unfortunately, the tracking of satellites has been more effort than expected. The fact that two passengers on our manifest …

Launch certificate

Following weeks of intensifying communication and regular (blog-) updates, culminating during the successful launch of last Thursday, a week of decreasing intensity followed. Anticipating this declining trend to continue, no regular and/or important posts are expected anymore, only non-essential (e.g. just-for-fun) ones. So, to informally close off this ISILaunch03-blog, a …

Status update: First-MOVE

[UPDATE] Over the weekend beacon signals have been received at First-MOVE’s ground station and (communication) performance is improving. First-MOVE seems to be alive and healthy too, as radio amateurs around the world have received strong signals (unfortunately not at First-MOVE’s ground station (yet)).

Status update: VELOX-PII

Early this morning information about VELOX-PII was received, namely that they had already had four successful ground passes. On the first pass they received the beacon and on the subsequent passes they established contact and received telemetry (indicating good health).

Status update: Delfi-n3Xt heard

Delfi-n3Xt had already been heard on the earlier pass over Europe, but that wasn’t a high enough pass to have strong enough signals for decoding. In a later pass, that was the case, telemetry was received and decoded, and all systems are fine with all things deployed. Congratulations to TU …