American invasion? :)

Monday 12 May was going to be a purely American day; in the morning the first American team arrived at ISL, while another American team would arrive in the afternoon.

As this first team ‘involves’ 11 CubeSats of 3U size, they almost instantly started with their checkout activities and obviously not before successfully performing several fit-checks. All went smooth and by the end of the afternoon, all 11 CubeSats were properly accommodated in their canisters.

In the meantime the second team arrived early in the afternoon, while their two 6U CubeSats had arrived that morning by bonded transportation from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) after the team had hand-carried their satellites to AMS.

Due to their somewhat extra-ordinary (i.e. not very common yet) size of 6U, performing a fit-check was also somewhat extra-ordinary, but yielded none-the-less positive results. All other activities that needed to take place were performed, which allowed accommodation of these two 6U CubeSats into their assigned canisters in their QuadPack.

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