Arrived at SHAR

Our flights yesterday all went fine. The team members from BEESAT, SwissCube and ISIS travelled together from Brussels, arriving in Chennai last night. Even all the luggage made it this time :-). We checked into our hotel and went to bed ‘early’ after a first ‘team meeting’. This morning, the ITUpSAT1 team arrived in Chennai as well.

Also this morning, all the satellites and ground support equipment were cleared for customs, after the usual paperwork at Chennai Airport. Once loaded in the special truck, they took off to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at SHAR, Sriharikota.

And so did we, although the journey was a bit longer and more eventful than we anticipated. Nevertheless, after a replacement unit for one of the cars and an unforeseen sight-seeing tour northward, we arrived at SHAR late this afternoon.

Once checked into the accommodation, we verified that all satellites and ground support equipment were safely delivered to the satellite preparation facilities here at the base. Tomorrow, the checkout of the satellites can start.


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