ISILaunch01 100% successful

During the second and higher elevation pass over Europe the UWE-2 satellite has also been heard by its team in the groundstation. All other satellites have also been heard and telemetry has been decoded, making this launch 100% successful!

Three satellites heard

During the 9:30 UTC pass over Europe three out of the four satellites have been heard. Both ITUpSAT1 and BEESAT have been heard by their own groundstations and both have received indications that all is well with their satellites. Members of the ISILaunch team have been able to hear the …

First satellites heard!

Directly after the launch the orbit took the satellites directly over the western part of the United States. Thanks to efforts by CalPoly and SRI, the teams have been able to confirm that at least two of the four satellites are transmitting beacon data. The two satellites that have been …

Successful orbit injection

Just after 17 minutes into launch all the satellites have been successfully separated and injected into a nominal orbit. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the teams on this fantastic achievement!!

All is GO for launch

The final launch readiness polls have been conducted and all has been declared ready for launch. The vehicle is on its own power and the satellite is ready for launch. The range has also given a ‘go’ for launch. The automated launch sequencer has started at T-10 minutes and there …

T – 1 hour until launch

Only one hour left to go until lift-off of the PSLV-C14 with the ISILaunch01 satellites on board. Everything is still ready to go at the launch site. Several final launch vehicle checks have been performed and everything came back positive.