Back home, preparing for the launch day

Last Friday, the BEESAT team members and the ISIS team returned safely to their respective home countries.

We are currently waiting for the updated final planning for the last part of the launch preparation campaign. The satellites are now completely flight ready, with only one final battery charging to occur before integrating them with the launch vehicle. This will be done when we return to the launch site in a few weeks. After integration of the satellites to the launch vehicle, the only thing left before launch are the final vehicle and launch rehearsal checks to be performed by the technical teams of the launch service provider.

On the launch day, a number of representatives of the teams will be present at the launch site, while the operators will of course be waiting for the first signals of their satellites at their respective ground stations. A mission coordination center to provide information to the CubeSat community and general public will be operational from ISIS in Delft, the Netherlands. More information on this will follow about a week before launch.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted on any updates on the launch date of course.

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