Bugsat-1 and QuadPack 1 successfully integrated

Today and yesterday were packed with activities for the ISL manifest hardware. Yesterday, the complex harnessing from all the QuadPacks to the central deployment timing device were fixed to the QuadPacks and the adapter plates that hold the QuadPacks to the launch vehicle in pairs. Continuing this activity today resulted in ‘ready-made’ packages consisting of an adapter plate with QuadPack 1 and Bugsat-1 on its own dispenser, and an adapter plate with QuadPack 2 and QuadPack 3.





Fixing the Bugsat-1 satellite to its dispenser is more complex than mounting a QuadPack, as the Bugsat-1 uses a custom built mounting pattern with a central locking pin. Today, in one effort, this pin was installed, and subsequently the satellite was placed on the dispenser. This dispenser is especially designed by Yuzhnoye design office in conjunction with ISL to match the customers requirements. This was the first time the flight model satellite was ever mated with this device, and it fit perfectly.








After some quick electrical tests, the bugSat-1 and QuadPack 1 systems were hoisted onto the launch vehicle together.








Additionally, the central deployment timing device developed by ISIS – which will be responsible for sending the command signals to all the QuadPacks – was also installed. Tomorrow, this system, which is known in short as the iMDC, will be connected to all the QuadPacks as well as the command cable coming from the launch vehicle.








Only tomorrow remains, where the remaining 4 QuadPacks will also be hoisted onto the upper platform of the launch vehicle, and all RBF and ABF operations on the Bugsat and QuadPacks will be completed.

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