ISILaunch19 mission patch and payloads

The ISILaunch19 campaign concerns a launch on board an Indian PSLV. The payloads or passengers on this launch are: LEMUR (8x) SUCHAI ROBUSTA-1B AALTO-1 SKCUBE Diamond SSG (3x) QB50-LT01 QB50-BE06 QB50-CZ02 QB50-DE04 QB50-GB03 QB50-AT03 QB50-IT02 QB50-GB06 All satellites are now integrated and ready to be shipped to India to start …

QB50 satellites ready for launch

On the 12th of April, the historic date of Yuri Gagarin’s flight and the first Space Shuttle flight, the final QB50 satellite (GB06) was integrated into its QuadPack and with that came a finish to the ‘Delft’-activities directly involving the QB50 teams themselves. Congrats to all teams!