Checkout day

Today started early as we were the first to perform our tasks: mounting the remaining three ISIPODs, containing UWE-3, First-MOVE, VELOX-PII, OPTOS and Dove-3, on the ‘bridge’. As these ISIPODs were already mounted on their adapter-plates, activities were limited to mounting these plates-with-ISIPODs to the structure and connecting the command- and telemetry-connectors.

Subsequently a continuity-check for the whole ‘bridge’ was performed, which yielded a positive result. Then it was time for the final ISL-activity during this checkout-campaign: removing the red “Remove before launch” tie-wrap from each ISIPOD.

After that, the whole ‘bridge’ was hoisted on the ‘ring’ and, as there was little room to maneuver, this delicate operation was perfectly performed by the Yushnoye experts. A final payload was then mounted on the dispenser (as the combination of ‘bridge’ and ‘ring’ is referred to here) and tomorrow this dispenser will be hoisted into Platform B.

With ISL-operations completed, it was time for Arthur to also checkout, following a successful more-than-3-week tour-of-duty in and around Yasny Launch Base.


And to close of this successful Sunday, another soccermatch was played, this time the teams consisted of American, Dubai, Korean, Russian and Dutch nationalities.


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