Delft checkout: First-MOVE, UWE-3 and Velox-PII

Following the successful integration of three 1U CubeSats (HiNCube, FUNcube-1 and ZACUBE-1) into 3U ISIPOD FM-21, another 3U ISIPOD was to be filled with three 1U CubeSats.

Proceeding this integration, checkout activities on First-MOVE (Germany), UWE-3 (Germany) and Velox-PII (Singapore) were performed. As all three satellites already had a high level of flight-readiness, only minor activities, such as battery charging had to be performed.

After conclusion of these activities, Velox-PII was firstly inserted into ISIPOD FM-23, followed by UWE-3 and with First-MOVE inserted, the CubeSat-loading was completed. After the ISIPOD-door was closed, also this loaded ISIPOD was made ready for shipment.

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