Delft checkout: HiNCube, FUNcube-1 and ZACUBE-1

Following the checkout on the two 3U KHUSATs, it was time for the teams of HiNCube (Norway), FUNcube-1 (AMSAT-UK) and ZACUBE-1 (South Africa) to perform their activities.

The checkout of HiNCube (which had been stored at ISL’s cleanroom facility for considerable time and was battery-charged on regular intervals) took quite some effort, but yielded a positive outcome. FUNcube-1’s activities were mainly focussed on optimizing the satellite, in particular the RF link. The activities of ZACUBE-1 comprised of small activities such as battery charging.

With all three satellites now in their (essentially) flight-ready status, they were sequentially integrated in ‘their’ ISIPOD FM-21: ZACUBE-1 went in first, followed by FUNcube-1 and HiNCube completed this part of the procedure. After that, the ISIPOD-door was closed and the ISIPOD, with its valuable cargo, was made ready for shipment.

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