Different start of the weekend

Throughout Friday many activities were going on, both on the launch vehicle side and the satellites side, and in the (late) evening the ISL team was invited back to the Satellite Processing facility SP2-B. After all the preparatory activities and checks, it was now time that our customers’ satellites and ISL’s hardware would physically meet their mode of transportation, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

In the cleanroom of SP2-B the QuadPacks were placed on the MSA deck, correctly located and oriented. Subsequently the harness from each QuadPack was routed towards a central point, where the iMDC sequencer was then mounted on the MSA deck too.

All these activities had to take place with great caution as all other satellites on this MSA deck were already mounted (and also it was getting rather late in the evening). Following connecting each harness to each corresponding iMDC connector, the iMDC was electrically connected to the MSA deck and all connections (including those with the LV) were checked.

Now that all hardware was present on the MSA deck, the Launch Vehicle team continued with processing of the MSA deck and the rest of the structure, such that tomorrow all the to-be-launched items can be transferred to SP3-B (i.e. the cleanroom created on top of the launch tower).


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