Early rise

With the completion of the activities early this morning, only one task remained for the ISL-team here at the launch-base: applying of the iMDC sequencer two Add-Before-Flight (ABF) items. These ABFs are to avoid any risk of accidentally activating the sequencer, thereby potentially endangering our customers satellites as well as all other hardware and therefore the whole mission. Therefore the ISL team insisted to install those items only when the whole Dual Launch Adapter (including the MSA deck) is mounted on and connected to the PSLV launcher. After a short cat-nap, at around 8 o’clock in the morning a final check confirmed that this can be done and we returned to our accommodation and enjoyed a nice sleep knowing that all went well.

Just after noon, a nice ‘good luck’ ceremony at SP2-B took place, which involves cracking coconuts, after which the whole stack (i.e. the main payload and all other payloads) is ‘released’ and can be transferred from SP2-B to SP3-B. The latter being the location where the ABFs will be installed tomorrow.


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