Electrical tests passed

Wednesday was our mandatory day off as the primary payload CartoSat-2E was undergoing fueling, and no-one else but the fueling team and safety officers are allowed around those activities for obvious reasons.
So, together with all other teams still present we paid the local base museum a visit to check on any updates since last time and used the afternoon to relax and some sportive rivalry in the shape of table-football – still quite an intensive sport with these temperatures and humidity levels.

Thursday was the day for the final electrical checkout of the harness and our sequencer. As activities go during a launch campaign, there were a few small changes in the schedule, yet in the end, we still were able to perform the tests before the end of the day. The test itself was successful and flawless, and each QuadPack door’s harness was now connected to the sequencer, ready for flight. The last connections of the sequencer – the command interface with the PSLV upper stage and the arm connectors – will be done coming Saturday when everything is integrated onto the full launch vehicle.

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