Everything green!

This Sunday three new teams arrived at the launch base. The two German teams from Wurzburg and Munich representing UWE-3 and First-MOVE respectively, and the Velox-PII team from Singapore. Today started with a rather large safety meeting, as the representatives from KARI and Satrec also arrived over the weekend. With teams from all over the world, the launch base is now quite full and it has become a very busy place.

ISIPOD FM 23 holds the three 1U CubeSats, and has been subjected to inspection at the start of the day. The Velox-PII satellite was accompanied by a shocklog in the shipping case, which showed no notable events during shipment. Good news!


After inspection, the ISIPOD was opened to allow access to the three satellites. All satellites are now connected to their umbilicals and are charging. Also some software uploads and self tests were performed. All systems are green!

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