Final checks done

We were asked to come to the launchpad to perform the last preparations at 11 o’clock Saturday morning. These preparations consisted of an electrical check on the command connector of the launcher side to be sure that everything is as expected and that it is safe to connect this command connector to the iMDC sequencer without activating the system unintentionally.
Following that, the final connection of the last connectors to the iMDC – command, telemetry and arm connectors – including final locking, epoxying and, most important, the removal of the 20 Remove Before Flight pins of all the QuadPacks.

All ready for fairing closure!

Talking about the fairing; having asked nicely to the mission director, we were allowed to put the official ISL19 logo on the fairing. It is a pretty cool feeling that we were allowed to place it and even an official picture has been taken. Unfortunately, we do not have this picture available yet.
Ultimately, we were able to finalize all preparations for the ISL19 launch. The only thing remaining was to thank to all the people involved – which we did of course 🙂 – and to pack our stuff and be on our way to the airport and … home.

With the launch day now officially announced, we have the countdown clock activated. Friday the 23th very early in the morning Dutch time we’ll all be watching. Fingers crossed!

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