First checkout day

Saturday, we had our first checkout day at the spacecraft preparation facilities SP1B. The teams started unpacking and installing the checkout equipment, followed by the satellites of course. First indications for all satellites showed that they had safely survived the transport and were all in good shape.

After lunch, the ‘actual’ checking out started, including antenna deployment tests, camera and payload tests and all other health checks. Fortunately, all satellites turned out to function as they should.

Meanwhile, we had received a notice that due to an unforeseen event, the upper stage will not be able to make it to the launch base in time for the planned date for one of the tests. This test will have to be postponed until a later date, meaning that we will have to change the planning for the checkout campaign as well. Most likely, we will leave for home earlier. More on that later.

After dinner, we arranged for some of the traditional treats here at the launch base. We had a nice evening with the whole team.

saturday evening

We will have a day off tomorrow, since it is not possible to work at SP1B on Sunday.

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