FM-23 finished

After a very fast check-out shift for the three satellites in ISIPOD FM-23, the deployer has been closed for the last time. Today, the final work to be done consisted of the battery charging of the First-MOVE satellite.

The ISL03 check-out activities take place in the so-called cleanroom B, which is also the home of the Dnepr’s upper stage structure, or SHM. The SHM is now currently being fit-checked, and subsequently the ISL teams have the cleanroom to their selves.

Quite a minor operation, but with a large significance. The removal of the RBF pin is simple, but is the last operation to take place. Once removed, the satellites are ready for flight. For the First-MOVE, UWE-3 and Velox-PII satellites, the pins were removed today.

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