Fresh start after New Year’s celebration

After returning to SHAR launch site today following an unexpected, but much appreciated New Year’s celebration with family back home for the ISL team, we resumed working on the remaining activities. During our short absence, all flight hardware was safely transferred to SP2B for our next activities. It is clear that the launch date is approaching. More and more teams are in the finalization of the flight preparation.

As for the ISL team activities in SP2B, we started with the fit check of the interfaces on the DLA deck. With only the usual points of attention identified, the QuadPacks did fit perfectly in all locations, while the iMDC sequencer was fitted successfully to the special interface and balance plate provided by ISRO. Interfaces are always critical so every time it is a relief to conclude everything fits without any trouble.

After the mechanical fit check, the electrical harness has been attached and connected to the QuadPacks. On request of ISRO a last check was done to see if our harness labeling did correspond with the labeling on their side – which it did again. Following the final assembly of the harness to the QuadPacks, we performed a final end to end test to be fully sure that all switches and resistors are properly connected. Everything was OK which gave green light for final installation of the iMDC sequencer and the Quadpacks to the DLA deck tomorrow.

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