Full Launch Success!

With great pride and excitement, we can confirm that the launch and all deployments were successful!

Seeing a launch is always a great and thrilling moment in itself, and the sight today was great from the viewing point at the Mission Control Centre:

Yet having to wait for almost 10 minutes to get the confirmation of deployment of the rest of the 101 satellites we had placed on board  – after the communications black-out going from the downrange station in Mauritius to the Antarctic station at Troll  – made it extra exciting and nerve-testing :).

Many thanks to all involved, to the team within ISIS and ISL for building all the interface hardware and software in such a short time available, to ISRO and ANTRIX for all their support in making this record launch possible, to our suppliers and partners for bearing with us to get everything delivered and tested on time, and of course to all our customers for the trust in letting us bring all these satellites to space !

Onwards to mission operations of all the satellites on this launch. We’ll update on status of those here where possible.

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