Into the final day

Yesterday, all QuadPack deployers were placed on platform A, and all harnessing was routed by specialists from Yuzhnoye state design office. The multitude of QuadPack command and telemetry wires were hooked up to the iMDC; the central timing and sequencing device.









At the same time, the final RBF elements of the BugSat satellite were removed. As the Argentinian team from Satellogic had to leave this morning, yesterday was the last moment for them to lay their hands on the satellite for the last time.





Finally, at the end of a long day, the RBF elements of the QuadPacks were removed as well, completing the installation of 21 CubeSats and 1 nano satellite on the Dnepr launch vehicle. This concludes the activities for ISL, but the final piece of integration is being worked on today: the integration of the large co-passenger of platform A; Deimos-2.








All that remains after that is the closing of the fairing, and transport to the launch site.

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