ISILaunch11 patch and payloads

For the ISILaunch11 mission, ISL and ISIS are proud to provide the full hardware & integration service for our customers Planet and Astro Digital. On this flight, 13 QuadPack deployers of various configurations will house a total of 50 satellites. 48 Doves and the two Corvus-BC1 and Corvus-BC2 satellites from our US customers will be individually deployed into orbit from their QuadPack launch canisters by means of the ISIS Modular Deployment Controller (iMDC), an in-house development which allows for precise and complex satellite deployment control. There is a total of three of such systems on this flight which are specifically tailored to interface with the Fregat upper stage.


For this mission we are grateful to our customers, and for the trust in realizing this very complex mission. Special thanks go out to our partner Commercial Space Technologies, which has played an important role in this project.

The lift off of this mission is scheduled for coming Friday 08:36 CEST. Upon orbit insertion by the trusty Soyuz, the Fregat upper stage will realize several different orbits in which the satellites will be deployed, after the main payload: the Kanopus-V-IK satellite. A total of 73 satellites are manifested on this flight. If successful, this launch will mark a new record in terms of total number of satellites launched by means of a single Russian launch vehicle. The world record is still held by one of our last missions; the ISL17 launch, which lofted over 100 satellites on a PSLV earlier this year.

ISL11 - Flock 2 Mission Logo

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