ISILaunch17 campaign initiated

This is the first post to introduce the ISILaunch17 campaign and present the formal mission logo (below).

The ISILaunch17 campaign concerns a launch on board an Indian PSLV, like many ISILaunch campaigns in the past. This campaign is however somewhat different, as it is part of a world record launch in terms of number of satellites on a single launch. More on that later.

Some of the payloads or passengers on this launch are:

  • PEASSS, a 3U CubeSat
  • DIDO-2, a 3U CubeSat
  • BGUSat, a 3U CubeSat
  • Al-Farabi-1, a 2U CubeSat
  • And a number of commercial payloads which we can introduce later.

A more detailed introduction on some of the payloads will be given in following posts. Next to that, with the last stages of the launch preparations approaching, we will cover the upcoming activities in various posts, leading all the way up to launch.

Hereby the formal ISILaunch17 mission logo:


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