ISL19 weekend update

On Friday we welcomed another team member and the team from LT01 that came over for the fueling of their satellite. We packed all hardware in the morning, and moved to the integration facility in the afternoon. Once there, we could unpack again, and prepare the setup for the fueling activities of LT01 on Saturday, followed by a meeting with the safety officers of the facility about the procedure.

On Saturday morning, the fueling activities were successfully completed by the LT01 team. In the afternoon, after final satellite charging, this last satellite of 23 in total under the ISILaunch19 campaign was re-integrated into its QuadPack slot, and the QuadPack was stowed again for further activities on Monday. So from Saturday evening, we had some weekend too.
While most of the other teams had left for a short weekend in Chennai, we opted for a somewhat relaxed Sunday morning at the base. In the afternoon, we went off base too, but to the North this time, to ThupulaPalem Beach near a very small town about 1.5 hour of interesting driving time from the base. But it was worth the drive, with a very nice beach view and refreshing dive into the Bay of Bengal…

In the evening, all teams came back to the launch base for the integration work starting tomorrow, Monday.

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