KHUSAT twin satellites go for launch

The arrival of the Kyung Hee University team marked the start of the check-out of the two KHUSAT 3U satellites. These two satellites are largely identical and will perform astronomy and science measurements. In a remarkably quick check-out, the latest software was uploaded today. Also, the batteries were filled to the brim and within one day both satellites were readied for launch!







The inspection of the already fully checked-out Dove-3 in its ISIPOD was also done today. Inspection of the ISIPOD showed no signs of a rough trip to Russia!







Interestingly enough, this upcoming Dnepr launch will host such a big amount of satellites – which fly under over two dozen flags – that some additions needed to be made to the launch base. The last few days, people have been working hard to double the amount of flagpoles in the launch bases’ central square. In a few days, the national flags of all participating nationalities will be hoisted.

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