Large stress on small objects

Prior to shipping to Delft, all participating satellites in this ISILaunch07 mission were subjected to tests, including mechanical (loads) and thermal (-vacuum).

In this post, some pictures to illustrate that and to show that some facilities are quite over-sized for in particular CubeSats.

(Left) The Brazilian CubeSat inside its 1U TestPOD on the smallest shaker available at this facility.

(Right) That same Brazilian Cubesat going through thermal testing (in a chamber usually used for small subsystems or equipments)

(Left) The team, that performed the test of this CubeSat at the Brazilian facility, consisted of four nationalities, which illustrates the international character of CubeSats and the cooperation among countries.


(Right) Just like the Brazilian CubeSat, the Israeli CubeSat is subjected to thermal testing in a chamber that is sized for larger objects.

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