Monday: back to work

After an off-day on Sunday, Monday meant a full working day for all teams. The day started with an early breakfast, a somewhat cumbersome gate clearance and some initial check out at the SP1B cleanroom.

During the whole day, everybody was in anticipation of the undoubtedly interesting visit to the launch vehicle PSLV at the first launch pad (FLP) that was planned for Monday morning. Unfortunately it was postponed to the afternoon and eventually even had to be canceled as hazardous preparation activities of the LV did not allow for a safe visit.

Also, a photographer came to theĀ  cleanroom to take pictures of the teams, while he showed exceptional interest in the satellites and their deployer.

At the end of the day, the ITUpSAT1 and SwissCube had performed all the tests they deemed necessary and also had made their respective CubeSats flight ready. Subsequently, after an early dinner, the ITUpSAT1 team and half of the SwissCube team left SHAR. The remaining team members drank a beer with their new cleanroom-mates of the Rubin 9.2 team.

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