Monday: launch day is getting closer

As previously mentioned, Saturday a pre-launch rehearsal was initiated at 2 am and successfully concluded at 12.30 pm. During this particular procedure all activities during the 10 hours leading up to the launch are rehearsed.

This Monday morning at 8 am, the actual count down clock was started and thereby initiating the actual 49-hour count down process.

In the mean time, some multimedia material has been released and is provided below.


The picture above shows the Equipment Bay (EB) deck of PSLV’s Fourth Stage (PS4). In the upper left circle UWE-2 is seen, while BEESAT is seen in the lower left circle. The right circle shows a very little bit of ITUpSAT1. Don’t worry, SwissCube was also integrated, but is blocked in this view by the (primary) payload adaptor.


Closure of the heatshield with a nice configuration overview of the primary payload Oceansat-2 and the EB deck with the auxiliary payloads. In the circle, BEESAT is seen.


Beautiful picture of ‘our’ Launch Vehicle PSLV-C14 on the First Launch Pad (FLP) at Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC-SHAR) at Sriharikota! The structure in the background is the Mobile Service Tower, which is being rolled back to a safer location.

Finally, ISRO has put together a nice brochure providing some more details about this particular PSLV-C14 launch, Oceansat-2 and its objectives. It can be found at:

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