Monday, March 18th

With schedule changes every once and a while ISL and the other teams were gradually progressing with the preparatory activities. Given ISL’s long history of working together with the PSLV team, we were happy to be the main Point of Contact for communication with the Indians about changes in plans for all related teams,which worked fine since there was close contact between all teams.
With the usual launch-campaign typical flexibility in terms of schedule of activities and waiting for go-aheads,the ISL team was able to finalize all QuadPack preparations.
In the afternoon the check on the iMDC sequencer, verifying both the mission safety critical sequence and timing, was done in presence of ISRO’s Quality Assurance team. As expected all was fine and no anomalies were found. After a thorough check on the labeling of the harness all the relevant papers were signed off by all parties, meaning we’re good to go for the next stage of integration.

Quality Assurance

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