Near-real time launch sequence update

Live from (the conference room at) Yasny launch base:

So, on this positive note, signing off here from the launch base!

It was confirmed that all doors have opened meaning that all our systems properly functioned! That is, QuadPacks, harnessing and (all subsystems of the) iMDC!

First satellites seems to be heard, more details to follow!

All systems deployed from SHM!

All systems nominal

All systems nominal

Internet will be shut off shortly (10 min prior to launch) and will be back shortly (2 min) after launch. See you on the other side :).

Little over 15 minutes from T (Internet black-out imminent in about 5 minutes)

Little over 20 minutes from T.

From now on, I’ll be trying to update this post as often as I can.

T – 45 mins

T- less than 3 hours.

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