Platform A and Матрёшка-day

Today was somewhat of a copy of yesterday. In the morning the main payload was brought into the Integration-cleanroom. After some final checks it was mounted on a stand, where it was provided with the pyrobolts, necessary for its separation system.

Later in the afternoon the primary payload was mounted on Platform A, along its co-passenger on that deck. Some more checks were done, both by that team and Yushnoye, followed by removal of the RBF-items, e.g. with larger satellites they are sometimes somewhat hard(er) to remove, such as a large lens-cap :).

Now that all satellites were mounted on their respective Platforms, it was time to turn combine all elements into a great Матрёшка (Matruska). First the SHM-fairing was mounted on Platform A, thereby protecting its business-class passengers: the primary and secondary payload.

Subsequently, the combination of fairing and Platform A was hoisted onto Platform B, containing its economy-class passengers :). After finalizing this operation, the assembly of the SHM was completed, ready to be ‘unpacked’ as a Матрёшка in little bit over a week.








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