POPSAT-HIP1 ready for launch

Yesterday, the Singaporean 3U POPSAT-HIP1 was charged on Earth for the final time. After the fueling operations, the satellite was monitored for a few days to ensure the satellite was in good health. Already placed in the QuadPack deployer, the battery of this advanced CubeSat was filled to the brim before flight.







Once the satellite was ready, door 4 of QuadPack 1 was closed for the very last time. The next time this door will open, the satellite will start its interesting mission.





After the successful check-out and integration activities, the team made a short visit to the Launch Base museum where, as is usual for all satellite developers, the team left a very international message!





ISL would like to thank the team for their hard work and professionalism in this last check-out period!

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