Processing of a special QuadPack

During the final preparations for launch at the launch site in India, one of the QuadPacks processed was the one with the winning slogan of young Dutch boy Bas Smeltekop from a drawing competition held during the ESTEC Open Days in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The first prize was to fly the winner’s name and slogan in space – and such promises must be kept – QuadPack #19 on this PSLV launch has these engraved in one of its side plates.
QP19 processed
This particular QuadPack also is the one accommodating PEASSS, BGUSAT, DIDO-2, Al-Farabi-1 and Nayif-1.
After being set for flight, “Bas Smeltekop’s QuadPack” was ready for integration with the launch vehicle.

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