QuadPack integration completed

On Monday, we could start with the physical integration of the 5 QuadPacks on the PSLV’s upper stage deck. Having had the experience with preparing for and assembling 25 QuadPacks earlier this year on the ISL17 launch, for both the ISL team and the PSLV integration team, the process of adding these 5 went rather smooth. The upper stage deck itself was nicely flat, which made the integration a lot easier with less custom shims and spacers to be used. We started with the initial routing of all the QuadPack harness, making this Monday the longest day of this campaign, to be continued on Tuesday.
The next day was also the day we had to say goodbye to Abe as he had to leave for the Netherlands again. After saying our goodbye we went back to the cleanroom and installed the sequencer and finalized the routing of all the harness. With that done, the majority of the campaign activities are completed, having to wait for other activities before the final steps can be done.

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