SHM completed and rolled out

As of today, the Dnepr’s SHM has been fully assembled. The process of closing the SHM started yesterday with the mounting of the fairing onto platform A. This platform houses Deimos-2, Tabletsat-Aurora and the ISL manifest, consisting of BugSat-1 and 21 CubeSats in five QuadPacks.








With the platform A & fairing combination completed, the next step was to mount this combination on platform B, which is home to a total of 13 other satellites, including KazEOSat, Saudisat-4, Hodoyoshi-3 & -4, and various other small satellites. When completed, the large green SHM is an impressive sight and it is hard to believe the number of satellites inside, and all the complexity associated with integrating them onto a single launch vehicle.

Today, the final touch was the placement of the launch stickering, which due to the sheer number of satellites covers the whole SHM.








As of tomorrow, the SHM will be traveling to the launch site, where it will be mounted with the rest of the launch vehicle.

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