SHM on transporter

While checking some websites, I came across this picture, which I thought is worth posting.

The accompanying caption: “The Space Head Module (SHM) is prepared for installation atop the Dnepr launch vehicle for the forthcoming flight of a record-breaking 32 satellites. Photo Credit: ISC Kosmotras”

Only a few people were present when the SHM was brought in on such a transporter and it was not allowed to take pictures because it was a military operation and vehicle. It is noteworthy of this transporter vehicle that is fully self-supporting: it has its own system to stabilize itself by means of extendable feet, the container (in which the SHM is accommodated) is an integral part of the vehicle and it has its own crane inside the container to lift and (dis)place the SHM. A truly remarkable and functionally well-designed object.

Even less people were present when this picture, of the SHM loaded on its transporter, was taken. It also shows the applied mission sticker as well as the ‘cloth’ protecting and hermetically sealing the payloads from the environment (and the rocket).

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