Six out of nine

Today, the first day of SHM integration was completed successfully. Six out of the nine ISIPODs were placed on the lower ring structure of the Dnepr’s upper stage. HINcube, ZACUBE, FUNcube, NEE-02 KRYSAOR, CubeBug, KHUSAT-1, KHUSAT-2, TRITON-1 and Delfi-n3Xt are now securely tied to the vessel which will bring them to space.

The ISIPODs with UWE-3, First-MOVE, VELOX-PII, OPTOS and Dove-3 have been placed on their adapter plates and have been provided their harnesses as well. The final placement of the three ISIPODs that house these satellites will occur tomorrow, when the substructure (which also houses three other larger satellites) will be placed as a whole on the main ring structure.




















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