Welcome to the ISILaunch03 launch blog

This launch blog will cover the final phases of the launch arrangements of quite a number of CubeSats on a Dnepr launch vehicle. The initial planning and arrangements for this launch already started from early 2011. Due to a launch delay however, for programmatic reasons related to the Dnepr launch programme in general, the launch had to be postponed from its original planned launch period in 2012. Now, with the final phase of the launch preparations started, all is lined up for a launch in not more than a number of weeks from now.

More information on the satellites on this launch, the configuration, the launch date and of course lots of pictures of the checkout campaigns at our facilities in Delft and the launch checkout and preparation campaign at Yasny Launch Base will follow.

For those curious about the reasons behind the gap between ISILaunch01 and ISILaunch03, both in time and in number; due to several launch delays and shuffle of launch orders, there has been a bit of mixup in numbering, while for certain launch campaigns, such as ISILaunch02, we could not cover its progress publicly.

For reference then; ISILaunch02 was carried out on a Russian Soyuz launch last April 2013, while ISILaunch04 and ISILaunch06 happened around the same time on a LM-2D and on VEGA.

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