Testing completed – getting ready for integration

We have completed the final flight preparation of almost all the doors holding CubeSats inside the 5 QuadPacks on this ISILaunch19 / PSLV C38 launch. One door remains unlocked for now, as the CubeSat in that slot will still be taken out of the QuadPack for fueling of propellant.
In parallel to the QuadPack activities, we have done final testing and preparation of the ISIS modular deployment controller, or iMDC sequencer, that will command each of the QuadPack doors at the correct time.


For most launches, the sequence is relatively straight forward with the deployment of all satellites in one QuadPack before moving to the next. This time, from the ballistics analysis on the sequence for all the satellites with different mass and size, it turned out that for deployment safety the sequence had to be quite ‘spread over QuadPacks’, which makes the sequence test quite interesting with a large group of safety officers checking the test run. But all went well, and the iMDC is now being charged for the final time.
Tomorrow we will box all hardware again, and move to the next building for the fueling and integration phase.

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