Thursday: VIP visit and closing out

Today we had an early breakfast for two reasons: the BEESAT team had plenty to do and we were joined by ISRO representatives.

Unfortunately also for them, only one of the four CubeSats on this launch was not packed yet as check out activities on BEESAT were still being performed. However, they were thoroughly briefed by the BEESAT team on the details of their Flight Model CubeSat. Subsequently the ISIS team provided the ISRO representatives with details on the Flight Model SPL deployer.

While the ISIS team left for the Guesthouse to have lunch, the BEESAT remained working. Upon return to the SP1B cleanroom, the ISIS team suddenly found a Central Indian Security Forces person stationed at the entrance of the cleanroom. Now to enter/leave the cleanroom, one had to exchange one security badge (the one we had worn all week on the base) with a special cleanroom security badge and had to sign in/out in a special notebook. This resulted in an interesting situation as the BEESAT team was already inside the cleanroom before the security guard was installed, therefore he had no entries in his notebook of both guys and it took quite some effort to get them out.

In the afternoon, the ISIS team had some fruitful additional discussions with the ISRO representatives about the upcoming launch PSLV-C14, during which minor remaining issues were addressed and solved. In the meantime, the BEESAT team had yet another full afternoon of checkout activities, after which BEESAT was put in its SPL deployer. It was now also flight ready and was safely packed in its protective storage suitcase. The BEESAT and ISIS team then together packed the remaining ten cases of GSE in a show of efficiency.

With closure of these cases, this part of the ISILaunch01 campaign came to an end. Four CubeSats were flight ready and poised to be launched!

After a quick diner, everybody packed up and we left for the trip to Chennai Airport. This was another whole new experience as the trip was made in the dark.


Arriving at the airport, we were subjected to the typical time consuming and cumbersome check-in procedure. Following (a single upgrade and) a short delay, also the last CubeSat team (and the ISIS team) left India.

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