Two down, seven to go






Three days into the final check-out of the launch campaign, and already two of the nine ISIPODs are closed for the last time. Today, TRITON-1 and FUNcube were given their ABF connector, and the last battery charge for ZACUBE was done yesterday. ISIPODs FM-21 and FM-26 were closed just before mid-day, and the ZACUBE, FUNcube and TRITON-1 representatives succesfully ended the campaign. Only the launch remains! Many thanks to Gerard Aalbers, Leon Steenkamp and Herve Peter-Contesse for their hard work this week.

The last two days have seen a quite dramatic change in weather in Yasny. A few days ago, the weather was quite pleasant and dry. Now, however, it is snowing and temperatures have dropped. It leaves a quite scenic view on the launch base though!





The arrival of the Ecuadorian team marked the beginning of the second shift of the campaign. After a quick installment of the GSE in the clean room, the first work is being perfomed. All status checks of the satellite look positive, and it seems NEE-02 KRYSAOR is in good health.

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