Last Friday I [Michiel] returned from  Ul’yanovsk (Ульяновск), Russia, where I supported the customs clearance of your satellites, the ISIPODs and the related GSE. What you might not have known is (the history of the name of) Ul’yanovsk itself.
The city Simbirsk (Симбирск) was founded in 1648 (hence 365 years old), the year the Dutch and Spanish ended their Eighty (80!) Year’s War, resulting in the independence of Holland.
During the communist era many cities, e.g. St. Petersburg (Leningrad), as well as regions (Leningrad Oblast), were renamed. After the Cold War ended, many cities were re-renamed to their original names, while many regions not.
However, not the city of Ul’yanovsk, mainly due to the small, but not negligable (and surely a little bit nostalgic) presence of the Communist Party in the Douma.
Why not re-renamed you might (still) ask? Ul’yanosvk is the birthplace of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known under his pseudonym of Lenin.
Now you know :).

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