Wednesday, March 20th

This was the day of the main activities for all the teams. In the morning there was still the “Calm before the storm”, but after lunch all activities started. To kill the time in the morning we found a nice piece of MGSE which could be used as seesaw (unfortunately no pictures of that since it is not allowed to have cameras with us).

The ISIPOD with the Aistech satellite was the first one to be processed, followed by the other teams, before we processed the QuadPacks and supported processing of the the DuoPack for Spaceflight. After the standard mass measurement of the QuadPacks in presence of ISRO’s QA, proving we’re compliant with the masses provided during the preparatory phases of the campaign, mechanical integration of all the deployers including harness started, which was a smooth operation.

With a nice dinner break in between, all activities could be finalized today, especially with a little support from the Spaceflight team to make it possible to work in parallel on some activities.
It is nice to (once again) notice that the cooperation between all teams on a launch campaign is a matter of course!

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